What does PI4W do?

Our goal is to assist local animal rescues with funds to offset the exorbitant medical bills they incur as they save lives.

How do we do this?

We provide adoption events, education, and a community setting for local rescues to work together. We assist rescues with fundraising opportunities, marketing, social media, photography and graphic design. We are innovative in our approach to bring these communities together to benefit all animals.

What else does PI4W do?

In February of 2014, we also became a rescue focused on bully breeds with urgent medical needs from local kill shelters. All rescued dogs live in foster homes since we do not believe in kenneling our dogs. Through breed ambassadors, we hope to showcase the amazing bully breed. All rescue fundraiser profits are specifically used for our rescue pups’ medical expenses as well as expenses for their regular care.

What makes PI4W so special?

Our team! Each and every team member is passionate about making a difference in an animal’s life! The respect, compassion, and love they share with animals is the same respect, compassion, and love we share with every member of our team! We have an open forum which means we are listening! We love to hear thoughts and ideas from everyone! Each of us bring different strengths to our team which allows us to successfully achieve our goals!

We also believe in transparency, which means

• We share the amount of funds we donate to an animal’s care, as well as how much we raise through our fundraisers.

• Information regarding funds collected through our fundraising efforts is available upon request